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Infusionsoft ICON 2017 Wrap Up & What’s New

The message that came out of the Recent Infusionsoft Annual User Conference was do the basics well , keep it simple, work the customer lifecycle and build relationships. Ensure you have these 3 campaigns in place a) Lead Generation b) Welcome and c) Long Term Nurture as the minimum. The welcome / indoctrination sequence is […]

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How to Leverage Webinars to Sell your Products / Services

In the noisy ever changing world of marketing how do you break through and get heard? How do you build trust and authority and get people lined up to buy your offerings? Webinars are a intimate scaleable way to demonstrate your expertise, give value, build relationship, spend time with target customers and generate leads & […]

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Microsoft Buys Linkedin What Does This Mean For You?

So Microsoft has just bought Linkedin for $26.2 billion, when i first heard this i felt a little dismayed as I really like the Linkedin platform. As i started to digest the idea a world of possibility and positives opened up. Now Linkedin had 45 Billion page views last quarter, has 2 million paid subscribers, […]

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What motivates you? For me today i say simplicity, not having too much to think about, to do. Which leads to focus, decide is a good word here latin meaning to “cut off, you to need choose. I want to simplify my job so i am clear what i need to do, also doing what […]

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Infusionsoft ICON 16 Conference Takeouts

3 things hit me 1) Power of team Have you got a job or a business? teams grow businesses, build your team. 2) Hit Social Media harder Next time your sitting watching TV notice everyone is on a mobile at the same time. Amazing how easy it is to get your message out there and […]

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