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7 Marketing Automation Campaigns Every Business Should Be Running

Marketing AutomationFast and timely response is expected in todays world, leveraging marketing automation is no longer optional. Here is a list of campaigns/sequences your business should have in play;

1) Indoctrination / Lead Nurture Sequence

Just because someone lands on your site does not mean they are ready to buy. Use the law of reciprocity to give something of value in exchange for an email address, then put them on say a 7 email sequence which tells them all about what you do whilst providing value at the same time. Of course, with call to action options all the way. Remember educating not selling is the way to go, you want to constantly segment and learn about your ‘suspects’, move them to prospects, and turn them into leads.

2) Quote / Sale Abandonment Sequence

When someone gets to the end of a quote form or cart purchase and they don’t complete, send them an email within 30 minutes. It can simply say, “Hi, saw you did this, is there anything we can help you with or any questions we can answer?” even present a discount offer …

3) Lead Scoring

Automate how you score leads and then get your sales team to follow up those that are really showing interest. Apply the 80/20 rule know when a user has opened various emails, clicked on links, downloaded pdf’s, watched videos, and attended events, and then make contact at the right time.

4) Welcome Programs or Onboarding Sequence

You have a new customer. Now automate getting them started, say thank you, send them what they need, then follow up further with added info on other products/services you offer.

5) Ask for Reviews and Testimonials

Magic word this one – ‘ASK’. Amazing what happens when you just ask. Of course, as you have over delivered and wowed your customer, asking for a referral is a no brainer right?

6) Anniversaries, Birthdays, Special Events

Stay in touch. How easy is it to just say hi, happy birthday, all the best from all of us, or have a great day? In fact, during the year there are all sorts of holidays and events your business can leverage where it fits – mother’s day, anniversaries, Christmas, sports finals, etc.

7) Reactivation Campaigns

Re-engage your list and get back lost customers. There a few options here. After 3 months with no contact an email is ‘cold’, so make sure you keep touching your list. For those customers who dropped, touch base – provide some free learning and make an offer.

This list is really just a starting point depending on your niche. What other campaigns can you think of? There are many more the lesson is Follow up, Follow Up, and Follow Up.