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Feb 04

Use Buyer Personas to Guide Your Content Marketing

By Carl Bischoff | Content

We previously wrote about how to create buyer personas here. In simple terms, buyer personas represent real buyers who influence or make decisions about purchasing your products or services, but creating buyer personas is just the beginning. The next step is using these buyer personas to form your content marketing strategy. In a┬áCorporate Executive Board […]

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content marketing strategy
Sep 25

Content Marketing: Quality over Quantity

By Carl Bischoff | Content

Over the past few years, the popularity of content marketing has grown so much that websites and blogs uploading huge volumes of low quality content have become commonplace. Google has taken measures to limit the effect of this content on SEO performance, and some say the effect of content marketing is diminishing. But is it […]

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Aug 26

Problogger Fun Content and Crazyness

By Carl Bischoff | Content

Looking forward to Problogger this weekend, meeting like minded folks is always a buzz. Amazing the universe that is now blogging and of course the latest ‘buzzword’ being Content Marketing yes to be read in a super hero booming voice! Just love the way marketing has got really personal and story telling is totally the […]

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Aug 21

5 Steps in Creating a Buyer Persona

By Business Fluid | Content

Do you know whom you are addressing when you create marketing content for your business? Do you know what types of offers are appropriate for the different audiences you are targeting? If you do not know the answers to these questions, you need to determine who your target readers are by creating buyer personas. You […]

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