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Infusionsoft ICON 16 Conference Takeouts

3 things hit me 1) Power of team Have you got a job or a business? teams grow businesses, build your team. 2) Hit Social Media harder Next time your sitting watching TV notice everyone is on a mobile at the same time. Amazing how easy it is to get your message out there and […]

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FollowUp.CC Email

I am a huge fan of this product and love to work with the ‘inbox zero’ method. A clear inbox gives you a the headspace to deal with what comes into it. Noting the last thing you want to do is spend too much in your inbox, i mean in terms of making you profit […]

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Email Management – Master Your Inbox

How do you deal with inbox overload? Ever since i got into David Allen’s GTD (Getting Things Done) book and training years ago, I have been working on the inbox zero idea. If you can keep your inbox clean, you can then focus on what does come in more efficiently. Emails just keep coming and […]

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Apps To Boost Your Company’s Productivity

“How do I grow my business?” “Why isn’t my marketing campaign working as well?” “How can I coordinate my sales and marketing teams?” We hear these questions regularly from the business owners we work with. Our clients want more sales, more effective campaigns, and are increasingly willing to use technology to solve these issues. So […]

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