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Digital Future Healthcare

McKinsey presents some interesting survey data and pointers for the Health industry in this article; Healthcare’s digital future.  I like and agree with the statement that “we are on the cusp of  the 3rd wave of IT adoption”.

Digital is massive and healthcare businesses really need to up the ante with customer engagement, as the world has gone mobile and social.

Article talks about some myths;

  • Myth 1: People don’t want to use digital services for healthcare
  • Myth 2: Only young people want to use digital services
  • Myth 3: Mobile health is the game changer
  • Myth 4: Patients want innovative features and apps
  • Myth 5: A comprehensive platform of service offerings is a prerequisite for creating value

Overall, healthcare organisations and providers should go with the digital wave as their existing and potential customers are already in the midst of it. To successfully do so, they should then opt for professional digital strategists that can successfully help them grow their business in this digital world.