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Four Ways to Use Social Media to Get More Business

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social media, small businessBusiness networking is not the slow churn that it once was. On-site visits, door-to-door sales, and phone calls have been replaced with the power of the internet and social media sites. Now you can reach a limitless collection of customers across the globe with nothing more than the simple click of a button.

This has opened up a wealth of opportunity for every modern-day business owner, but it is of no use if it is not consistently fed with information that is appealing, interactive, and share-worthy. Let us take a look at how to set up your social media presence for success.

Link in to Leverage Your Professional Power

LinkedIn can be a powerful professional business tool. With the LinkedIn publishing platform, you can publish articles on behalf of your business and place that information right in front of potential customers. Members then have the opportunity to follow and share your posts, and help you reach beyond your current list of customers. You can also take advantage of LinkedIn’s unique opportunities to connect with professionals directly by:

  • Building out a solid circle of contacts
  • Recommending other businesses who can in turn recommend yours
  • Joining or creating groups that focus on your industry to get conversations going

Take Time to Tweet

Twitter provides you with the opportunity to impart small messages about your business that are funny, newsworthy, inspiring, educational—and most importantly—shareable. What does a business-boosting tweet look like? Here are a few Twitter tips:

  • It is a question to your followers want to chime in on
  • It contains a relevant or popular hashtag
  • It contains a promotion or a reason to share
  • It highlights a proud moment or a noteworthy customer

Fetch Facebook Followers

Facebook is not just for casual friends anymore. With their paid targeted ad campaigns, business-centric accounts options, and the ability to add customised gamification to your page, it is a must-have for any savvy business owner. Here are a few ways to build a better business using Facebook’s features:

  • Set up custom tabs to offer freebies, discounts, or sweepstakes that are only accessible after a user has ‘liked’ your page
  • Like interesting pages and share users’ posts to build a two-way street of active engagement
  • Review your Insights page to see which posts are most popular, and adjust future posts accordingly

Build a Blog

Blogs help you provide expert advice to the countless customers actively perusing the internet in search of it. It confirms for your audience that you are a reputable source of information, and helps them get to know you as an authentic and honest business owner. Boost the power of your blog with the following guidelines:

  • Stick to an editorial calendar
  • Add relevant keywords throughout your blog to help readers find it online
  • Link to your content from social media sites to bring traffic back to your website
  • Review blog statistics to see which content is most engaging

Social media is meant to help you not just amass customers, but to help you engage each and every one of them with your business on a deeper level. It is a perfect platform upon which to interact with your customers through calls to action, consistent updates, gamification, and enthralling content that can help you grow your business, build referral channels, and keep your customers coming back for more.

If you need help in harnessing social media to boost your business, contact us here at Business Fluid.