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Infusionsoft ICON 2017 Wrap Up & What’s New

The message that came out of the Recent Infusionsoft Annual User Conference was do the basics well , keep it simple, work the customer lifecycle and build relationships. Ensure you have these 3 campaigns in place a) Lead Generation b) Welcome and c) Long Term Nurture as the minimum. The welcome / indoctrination sequence is often overlooked when people first enter your world.

Here is what’s new;

Infusionsoft WordPress Plugin

Create optin forms from within WordPress, simplify the process of designing, placing and triggering forms. Create popups, FLy Ins, Widget forms, notification / Optin Bar top-of-page banner

Landing Page Builder

Now this is exciting a new landing page builder will be released shortly, i have played with initial beta and it enables you to build nice landing pages. We have only just started testing and can’t wait for the official release to everyone’s app.

Vimeo Integration

Integration was announced you can add email capture box within a video to capture leads, I have have not played with this one yet to comment further.

Big Commerce Integration

We all know the Infusionsoft cart is basic so there is now a official BigCommerce integration if you want more advanced ecommerce cart solution [brought to you via]

Infusionsoft Propel

New low end offering for smaller businesses not ready for the flagship product, this is frontrunner to a lot more too come i think;

Facebook Ad Services

Simple Facebook ad services with entry level pricing to drive traffic. More advanced campaigns to be delivered by partners/specialists


Customer facing pages can now be automatically translated into French, Portugese, Spanish or German

Very exciting times with Infusionsoft they are not holding back in pushing and growing their great products. The solid backing the company has , the amazing ethos and can do attitude across the business leave me hanging for more. The flagship product is just so so good.

Helping small business succeed? yes indeed!