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Infusionsoft PartnerCon 2015 Recap

November 2015 I visited the HQ of Infusionsoft in Phoenix AZ for their annual PartnerCON conference. Partners fly in from around the globe to network, learn from speakers, see what’s happening and new.

It was a really great week and i got a lot from it. Hearing from the ever quirky Michael Gerber he made the point that too many companies do not have a solid ‘client fullfilment system’ and the message that in business;

We are here to serve, with our hearts, with our minds and to provide a experience.

Clate Mask the CEO of Infusionsoft spoke about the intentional ways to grow a business –-> purpose —> values —> mission and of the BHAG the company has set for 2030. Was great to see first hand the growth of the business with 3 massive buildings overflowing with staff and the commitment to improving the product over the coming years.

Whats new & coming soon?

  • New Email Builder
    • for release in 1st Qtr 2016 with all the things we have been waiting for, responsive layouts, templates and more
  • Deep Accounting Integration with Quickbooks and Xero
  • Responsive order forms
  • Mobile friendly landing pages
  • Mobile payments
  • Ability to add Internal forms to Fast Add Contact area
  • Capability to remove a Contact from a sequence
  • Copy and Delete items in Campaign Builder
  • Campaign builder easily duplicate content elements on the workspace
  • Ecommerce add sold out so can’t buy

Speaking of video i did 2 posts whilst in Phoenix, first one shows the facilities from outside; The second is one which essentially recaps this post;

Worth noting on Facebook 8 billion videos a day being watched up from 4 billion in April massive growth.

Also brought up by Clate was the idea of Conscious Capitalism, the power of business to serve humaity which is a movement worth paying attention to;

Has four pillars; higher purpose, a stakeholder orientation, conscious leadership and conscious culture
enabling business to create value for all, building trust, creating resilient and sustainable businesses.

I came away from Phoenix excited about the future and development of this fantastic product. Bringing in Terry Hicks from Quickbooks/Intuit to lead the product development has brought new energy and focus. Such an amazing product which is only going to evolve and get better!


This is the product team on stage. Eric Martineau, Scott Martineau, Kyle Leavitt, Terry Hicks, Marc Chesley [Chad Kirby pointing]