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content marketing strategy

Content Marketing: Quality over Quantity

Over the past few years, the popularity of content marketing has grown so much that websites and blogs uploading huge volumes of low quality content have become commonplace. Google has taken measures to limit the effect of this content on SEO performance, and some say the effect of content marketing is diminishing. But is it […]

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New Google ‘My Maps’: Helping You Plan the Ultimate Getaway

The introduction of Google Maps in 2005 saw a revolutionary shift in the way commuters navigated their way around. Over the years the web based app underwent several changes, adding useful new features such as street view and a comprehensive route planner. Now in 2014, the app is undergoing another change – enabling users to […]

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7 SEO Tips to Help Small Businesses Improve Search Rankings

According to a research done by Chitika, Google’s first page generates about 92% of all traffic. How does your business website rank in SERPs? [search engine results pages] If it is beyond the first or second page, chances are that your competition is snatching up the high-quality leads you need to grow your business. Search […]

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increase productivity

Tips To Increase Your Productivity

You most likely have heard the old adage of “it is not about working hard, it is about working smart.” You can work 15 hours a day at your job or home business, but if you are not productive or are disorganised, you will get less done in that time than someone else who only […]

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