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Email / Database Marketing

Are you sitting on a goldmine and not leveraging it?

Your old and current customer list is quick way to pull new revenue into your business.

Think about getting together a great offer and then putting it in front of your list. Now don’t stop there however , have follow up sequence with 4 emails , email 2; did you see the offer, email 3, do you have any questions, email 4; what do you think of the offer? Whilst the campaign is running monitor who is ipening the emails, if someone opens 2 of them call them! There are plenty of tools available to use for this purpose.

The more offers you send the more you sell right? So what offer do you have out there right now?

Use lead magnets to get people onto your list. Depending on what business you are in if you begin the exchange with a gift the law of reciprocity kicks in.

Marketing Automation

What ever you are doing capture details, if you sell a product get as many details as you can, so you can follow up and upsell or make new offers.

Touch is a prime reason customers move on or cancel, when did you last connect with your customers?

Auto responder sequences, if someone comes into your funnel via link in a newsletter on a certain topic then put that person on a list and target them with related content.

These days people buy after ~7 hours and ~11 touches think about that.

2 Tools we love in this arena are Infusionsoft and ActiveCampaign

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