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SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is so not dead far from it winning search engine traffic is all about marketing and having a popular site. The crazy days of seo and gaming search engines are gone, anyone who thinks they can outsmart all the PHD’s at Google is dreaming and wasting your money.

There is technical side and a marketing side to good SEO;  Get content on your own site become ‘the source’ for your niche, engage with your customers where they are including social media and search engines will love you and send you traffic. Another way of looking at this is becoming a thought leader in your space.

We highly recommend you get a SEO audit done asap to see what state your site is in and whether you will be penalised for any previous SEO work!

SEO Services

A digital marketing strategy and solid execution plan is required covering the channels that matter for your business. Search marketing is one piece of this puzzle but needs to be part of broader holistic approach. Getting clear on who you are targeting the buyer persona is critical to success here.
Content marketing is a key element and needs to be worked on before you get to social media. Using content you can target buy keywords that will bring you sales.

Technical SEO

There is also a technical side to SEO that needs to covered off, is your site search engine friendly, can all your pages be found, do you have content targeting your money keywords? Analytics is key are you setup to track what matters and pull data so you can make considered decisions?

Inbound Marketing / Outreach / Link Building

Yes you need to connect and be connected links or ‘votes’ from other sites still help you rank in search and draw traffic. We can help you with audience building, link attraction , building trust ad authority, social, content and pr amplification.

We can assist you win and get results and traffic from optimising your site and generating incoming links, contact us today for a review of your site and online marketing. Recent history and the ongoing changes mean you need to talk to seo professional who can see the bigger picture and is a marketer, we look forward to talking with you re your goals soon 🙂